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Growing Leaders Course

We are running another Growing Leaders Course at St Paul’s in 2016/2017. Growing Leaders is a Christian leadership course, providing some great teaching applicable across the life of the church as well as at work and elsewhere.

We particularly want to use this next course to help prepare more people in St Paul’s to take on leadership positions for our future plans – the plans that Tom outlined at the APCM. We are going to need many more people to take on various new roles in the months and years ahead, and this year’s course is open to anybody who would like/needs to do it.

The course will be run in the Garden Room at St Paul’s on Wednesday evenings, starting at 8:00pm each evening. The format includes a couple of day long sessions and a series of 2-hour teaching sessions once a month, with Mentor meetings in between those sessions. We are currently planning on:

Session 1 16th-17th September 2016 Introduction: Leadership Matters
Session 2 12th October 2016 Establishing identity
Session 3 9th November 2016 Clarifying call
Session 4 14th December 2016 Developing character
Session 5 13th-14th January 2017 Discerning direction
Session 6 8th February 2017 Developing leaders
Session 7 15th March 2017 Leading together
Session 8 26th April 2017 Embracing cost
Session 9 10th May 2017 Staying fresh
Session 10 14th June 2017 Continuing well

We would love to see you at the introductory evening – this does not commit you to attendance on the course but will allow you to hear more of what it is about and how it works; please let the office know if you would like to come along.

Please send any questions to Tom, Tim Cross or Sarah.