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Besom is a nationwide Christian charity which seeks to be “A bridge between those who want to give and those in need.”  Local people donate high-quality, new items of non-perishable foods, small electrical products, bedding and towels and starter kits for new Mums.

These are collected by Besom and offered to those in the greatest need.  The donated products are provided to those referred to Besom by local Children Centres & Nurseries, Camberley Frontline, Citizens Advice, Churches in and around Camberley, Schools, Accent (Housing Association), Age UK, Doctors & Health visitors, Family Support Workers and the local Mental Health Team.

Why the name “Besom?”  A besom is a type of broom made of twigs – hence Besom’s strapline of “Sweep away suffering.”

You can donate to Besom using the “Besom Box” in our welcome area or contact the Church Office for more details.

To request help from Camberley Besom, please contact – camberleybesom@googlemail.com