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Frontline Debt Advice

Frontline is a free, confidential debt and benefit advice service available to all.  It was recently reported that Camberley residents are amongst those with the largest credit card debt in the country, owing on average more than £2,000 each on credit cards, according to research from Confused.com.

Frontline in Camberley has a team of trained volunteers, who can help people get back on track. We are funded by Christians, which is how the service can be provided free of charge.

We see a need in the community for help, and we’re anxious to provide it, regardless of race, colour, sexual orientation, disability, religion or anything else.  All we ask is that you are someone in need of our help and we will seek to provide it – no strings attached.

We recognise that often people get into debt through no fault of their own.  We can help, and you can get in touch with us in the following ways, to make an appointment:

Phone: 07880 711730 (24 hour answer phone when not staffed)
Email: camberley@FrontlineDebtAdvice.org.uk