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Alpha Courses

Alpha in Camberley

Lots of people have heard about the Alpha Course, but what’s it all about? It’s an eight week, practical course aimed primarily at non-churchgoers, that explores some of the fundamental aspects of the Christian faith.

Each weekly get-together consists of a meal, a talk and time for discussion. The talks address issues such as Jesus’ life, his death and resurrection and topics including the Bible, prayer and healing. An integral part of Alpha is the weekend or day away where the focus is on the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

After the talk, guests are divided into groups of ten to twelve people, hosted by a group leader and two helpers, in which they remain for the duration of the course. The talks act as a catalyst for open discussion in an environment where each person will hopefully feel free to ask or express whatever they wish.

Over 16 million people worldwide have now attended an Alpha Course which is currently running in 166 countries and is available in 112 languages. Many millions have either come to faith in Jesus Christ through the course or had their faith deepened by attending.

Camberley Alpha Courses

The next course starts on Wednesday 26th September 2018, please email the office or call on 01276 700210 to reserve your place.