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If you’re thinking of getting married in church, firstly may we congratulate you on your engagement!

Marriage is a very ancient idea.  The Bible suggests it goes right back to Adam and Eve, who were ‘made for each other.’  Jesus loved a good wedding: he turned water into wine at a wedding reception, his first recorded miracle.  Even today, marriage exists in practically every country and culture on earth.

So marriage has always been part of God’s good plan for us.  And no wonder!  A good marriage is healthy, freeing and life-giving, as you’ll discover as you read through this section.

Christians believe that marriage is a gift from God.  A church wedding ceremony at St. Paul’s not only provides you with the setting of a beautiful church building but there is also something in a public commitment of this magnitude that has a deeper spiritual element to it and which can transform a relationship to a new and deeper level.

You will need to know about some legal requirements and procedures. These are important!

So, to start with we’d invite you to come and chat to a member of the St. Paul’s clergy.

You will be invited to attend a Marriage Preparation course. We run 3 Marriage Preparation Courses each year – Spring, Summer and Autumn. More detail is here.


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